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Look hard! You won’t find any grains, fillers or preservatives like mainstream pet food.  Just a perfect balance of essential raw meat, vital whole organs and bone ingredients – instinctively co-designed by Mother Nature and our own pet nutritionists. Vital Essentials supports and maintains a healthy digestive system, healthy skin and coat, weight control and healthy teeth and gums. Pets love the delicious taste as much as their owners love the healthy benefits. So stop reading, start feeding and experience the joy of revitalizing your pet. LONG LIVE PETS!


Vital Essentials is proud to be the first commercially manufactured and marketed raw diet in the US. We have been providing raw nutrition since 1968 and are one of only two known pet food companies in the United States who produce USDA Certified & Inspected pet food. Producing 100% of our raw diet at our own plant in Green Bay, WI allows us to own and control our own freeze drying operation. Our freeze-dried pet-rejuvenating product line offers our customers the ultimate in convenience through small and large package options in beef, chicken, and fish patties, mini patties, nibblets, and sprinkles. After using our products, satisfied cat and dog owners have happily reported soft, silky coats with reduced shedding, clean teeth and healthy gums for their furry friends. With a 60-day consumer satisfaction money-back guarantee, what have you got to lose? Show your pet how much you love them by feeding them freeze-dried Vital Essentials today!


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